Monday, November 24, 2014

Basting... the library with Jessica and her pals.   It took no time at all to get this quilt sandwiched.  All I needed was a little help from her friends and a lot of "quilt talk" to keep me going.  I heartily recommend library sewing groups.  You meet the most friendly and interesting folks there!
Next??  Baste that turkey....


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wool, naturally!!

My hexies are ready for sandwiching, finally.  I have no problem picking batting for this nap quilt.  Have hand quilted wool twice and loved both the process and the result.  Needles without any stress on my hands and is so warm and lightweight that I can hardly wait to get this in my hoop.  Am planning to join Jessica's library group on Saturday.  Maybe we can have a "basting bee."

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Modern Miracles

What is Modern quilting, everyone asks?  Jacquie Gering brought over 100 lbs. of examples to show the Empire Quilters guild.  This is only one of my favorites...her "log cabin" television with rabbit ears really cracked me up!

Jacquie answered lots of questions and gave her quilting story as well.  Her background in sewing finally came into fruition as a leading Modern quilter only a few years ago!  This engaging presentation won over many skeptics.  I later heard several quilters admit they didn't really care for modern quilts before...

It was a day full of surprises for me, too.  My "London  Connection" aka Dorothy Hill, was in NYC for the weekend!  It was so great to see her again...and to know she is now part of the Modern quilt group in London.  She asked about my Hexagon quilt, so I'd better get a move on....

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Low-Volume Day

Naomi and I turned down the volume today.   Sometimes a quiet day is all you need to recover from 
loss...whether personal or political...

We made these low-volume blocks for Metro Mod lotto. 

  Then we had herb tea and double chocolate pecan bars. 

 All better now!