Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Oldest UFO

Summer is half gone already!  I wanted to finish this counted cross stitch sampler on linen that I started seventeen years ago.  My two cataract surgeries have left me with no more excuses.  It needs more decorative borders before I frame it. 

Then back to my Forever Stamp quilt again.  Will I ever finish them all??


  1. Hi Helen! Beautiful cross-stitch. It's good to know we can pick up and finish things 17 years later. I have a pile of UFO's that may take that long. I'm glad to see you're still posting here. I've stopped looking at FB and IG for now--too many images filling my brain. Glad to know that you've survived cataract surgeries. I hope that means the world is a more colorful place for you these days. xo

  2. Lovely work, and I commend you for finishing something started 17 years ago! (Although 2000 feels like only yesterday, doesn't it?)


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