Monday, June 13, 2011

June Bee

Kimberly sent me some lovely fabrics for her June bee block. She wants texture, so I am trying out some yo-yos. They are so much fun that I probably won't be able to stop! I want to use the rick-rack, too, but have no ideas for that. Anybody know some tricks?


  1. Love the yo yos! I'm sure you'll figure out something wonderful for that rick-rack! Mocha would love to come over and help you sew . . . she is very attentive! hahaha.

  2. perhaps the rick rack is a path for your yo yos..smiles...ugh...i wanna sew...but i have a hectic week..but i am looking forward to friday night and will be me and the machine...although thursday i will be racing to post my 15 min block tutorial...smiles

  3. you can make little flowers with rick-rack by gathering one side of the points together - like so:

    I do love your yo-yos!


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