Saturday, July 30, 2011

Portable project

I started this little hand-pieced star this summer in order to have a portable project to take to my quilters' gatherings. You can probably tell that conversation and desserts take up most of our soirees, as my piece is only about the size of a bandanna. Now I could add the outside half-octagons to the remaining two sides, plop on a border and get it quilted for my guild's Red & White challenge in October. But.....I am tempted to keep on making more stars for a larger quilt. Decisions, decisions!!!


  1. It has grown since I saw it! Looks great!!!

    I'm all for BIG quilts... hehe!

  2. Very nice. I vote for bigger too!

  3. Pretty! I love your variety of red fabrics. I recognize many of them!

  4. Oh, these stars are fun!

    BTW, Alexandra in the post below is a beauty. She reminds me of you! :)

  5. Oh it looks wonderful....larger larger...I want to make one tooo...


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