Friday, June 1, 2012


My inspirational word for the year is Try.  This little quilt is the result of a Modern8create challenge.  My first attempt at pieced lettering reminds me of my first grade penmanship blots everywhere!  I quilted the "crayola" border with perle cotton in Big stitch style...another first for me.  Heck, it goes a lot faster than those ten to the inchers that used to take me forever to finish, and besides I like the way these look, too.  Am reminded of Brenda Papadakis' comment on making Dear Jane quilts..."Done is better than perfect!"


  1. great letters, especially for a first attempt. I like everything about this little quilt.

  2. This turned out great. I love the big quilting stitches, and the letters are wonderful.

  3. It's terrific! I like the big quilting stitches too. :-)

  4. Done IS better than perfect and when you have enough "dones" amazingly you work is much closer to perfect.
    Because we all know.....practice makes perfect :0).

    Love this little piece!

    Happy Sewing

  5. Lovely! I love the ink blotches and the big stitches. Your letters are quite stylish too!


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