Thursday, January 10, 2013

Parks & Recreation

I have to admit I am a Recreational Quilter...not a pro....not very prolific...but I have a jolly time wherever I quilt.  Today my Quilters-in-the-Park folks shared some quilts they did in the past.  The group has been together for 14 years.   Ann (above) is one of the 7 charter members.  Her applique always astonishes.  She also is good at recycling.  I believe she used her old flannel nightgown in one of her quilts.

Marge has also been quilting a very long time, but she isn't one to dally.  Saw this tree skirt design on TV, couldn't wait to get a pattern, and drafted those trees herself.  Her angles were a bit different, so she ended up with seven trees instead of the original six .  Hey, it's a lucky number!

Lenore is my Quilt Mom....yes, I have one, too.  She has kept me going when I was dragging.  We made our Dear Jane quilts together.  She has more energy and spirit...and she will be celebrating her 90th birthday next month!  "Many, many more!"

And Jessica keeps  me going, too.  She is teaching me EPP...and believe me, I don't know how she keeps her patience sometimes.  I am soooo slow....but what the heck, I'm just here for the fun!


  1. yay, a 3rd block is coming along~ keep at it!

  2. I just love that there is room in our quilting community for us all, fast, slow, newbies, oldies but goodies, modern, classic, hand sewing, machine quilting. I find it all so exciting that we can be what ever we want with our needles and thread and still relate to each other.

    Fun pictures Helen, Happy Sewing
    I pray I am still sewing and inspiring someone at 90+!!

  3. Thank you for the show and tell! Are those old neckties you're working on?

    1. Yes, I am recycling my guys' ties.

  4. very fun! there is no race just have fun! love that tree skirt may have to make one myself , have to figure out the pattern though, hmmmm not easy!
    epp good for you have wanted to try that
    Kathie who hopes to still be quilting at 90
    what an inspiration


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