Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cool Hexies

We're havin' a heat wave...and I have a great excuse to start another new project.  Since we have been asked to conserve power to prevent outages, I am unplugging all unnecessary appliances today.  No cooking, laundry, ironing, machine sewing, and computering...after this post.  Instead, I am cutting hexies for my indigo quilt today.  Have had this quilt in my head for years, and Jessica's Monday Morning Star Count post is the start I needed.   Check her blog and join up today.


  1. will be gorgeous I'm sure. Stay cool

  2. Those indigos will make a wonderful hexie quilt! I hope the heat wave passes soon.

  3. sorry you're sweating it out over there. If it makes you feel any better, things are hot here too!
    wishing I was at home stitching hexies with you today though..

  4. I definitely look forward to seeing how your indigo quilt shapes up!

  5. what size are you cutting them and did you draw your own? I haven't joined in the hexie bandwagon, need to give it a try! love these indigo ones, such pretty fabrics

    1. I am cutting my own papers using a very old Ardco template and some stiff drawing paper. The pre-cut papers are great, but I am "slow-quilting" this summer. They finish at 2 1/2"


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