Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All That Jazz

Look at this jazzy duo on the way to class at Quilting By the Lake!  I could tell from the stripes and  smiles that I was going to have a ball.  And these gals did set quite a pace for the rest of us.   Kathy's class "Fractured" turned out to produce a medley of solo take offs on her single design.

Lisa and her colorful melody going with her black & white fabric rhythm section.  

Earamichia had some cool moves as she rotary cut.  You should see that girl iron!

And Victoria's Juki was still smokin' after she completed her Queen top.   Not big enough for her, however.  Double wide King size is what she will finally have after adding a few more rows of Z's.

Speaking of Z's...this ole girl managed to get a crib-size version done between naps.  These colors give off a smokey tone.  Think I'll title this quilt "Blue Note."

Kathy orchestrated this 2-day symphony and we're all hoping for an encore!!!

Go to for much, much more.....  I need another nap here.


  1. What a great group of ladies and their quilts. What great fun you must have had.

  2. All the different versions of the quilt look so great, Kathy runs great workshops, so inspiring.

  3. What fun! Your quilt looks great. I wonder if your hexies will make it in there somehow.

  4. Sounds like you gals had a blast! And got some nice tops to boot!

  5. Sounds from here like you all made beautiful music together! Looks like so much fun! I just got Kathy's new book and look forward to trying that pattern.

  6. You Rock Helen, looks like you gave them all a run for their money! Nicely done!

    Happy Sewing

  7. All the quilts are gorgeous Helen, I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy last weekend when she ran a course at The City Quilter, would love to do a class with her. QBTL sounds like it was fun :)

  8. Thanks, Helen, for such great pictures showing what a joyful time and lovely creations. Beauty, variety, originality all appear in these quilts.

  9. Hey Roomie! We had so much fun! I know we were all exhausted, but it was so worth it! ;-) The best spending time with my "quilt mom" hugs!


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