Sunday, September 21, 2014


Just got a new memory card especially for quilt shows.  I took dozens of photos at the quilt show in Philadelphia yesterday.  Seeing  a real trend in Photorealism as in the quilt above...

and while I admire the skills and technology needed to make realistic images, I still am drawn to works like this one.  The Korean quiltmaker used silk organza from an old garment, which appeals to my love of recycling fabric.   I am so wanting to cut up my wedding dress now!


  1. I prefer making the non-realistic ones too. great red and white quilt!

  2. Thanks for sharing these. Both are beautiful, but I also prefer the abstract. It's quite a thought to cut up your wedding dress. I suppose it would be used and appreciated more if it were in quilts. Tough decision!

  3. love the quilt you do as well, wow sorry I missed this show, i heard there were some beautiful baltimore album quilts?

  4. Helen,
    Center of that abstract quilt looks like a wedding sari from India. It is beautiful! Cutting up a wedding dress would be quite bold but I couldn't agree more with LeeAnn, you will see it more. Not sure how I would feel.

  5. Oh my making a quilt out of your wedding dress! Well why not you are not going to wear it again and you would see it more like LeeAnn said..... and I bet you would love the process of making something amazing with it too.

    Happy Sewing


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