Monday, March 28, 2011

Love That Red

I love red.....any red....all reds. My friend Barb is making a schoolhouse quilt in red & white. Hmmm....seems to be a popular combination. Not to be left out, today I hauled out my reds and am auditioning for my new R&W quilt. Barb uses templates and is an expert hand-piecer. I am inspired to do the same, as I enjoy working by hand as well as machine. Makes a good take-along for meetings, appointments, and traveling. Always a good conversation starter on the train, too....Love the folks who tell me that their grandmother knits, too!


  1. i should have called YOU when i was looking for red scraps for my EPP diamond quilt, hehe. you probably have enough red there to make your own wing to the R&W exhibit...

  2. I think you were definitely inspired by the Red and White Exhibit!! Love the combo.

  3. Yes...train comments are always quite funny! When I am knitting, I've had people ask me things like if the HUGE sweater I'm knitting is going to be a scarf, of the little socks a blanket. It always make me laugh!

  4. HaHaHa my grandmother knits too...

    yep... i'm early 50's.... and i get....
    my grandma used to quilt too...

    is it about vision??


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