Friday, March 18, 2011

Next Day

Next day I decided those rectangles looked too clunky, so I sliced them into thinner strips. Then I noticed some V's were happening. Loved that chevron look and went with it. Since "V" is for vest, I dug out my favorite pattern......Four Corners In-Vest. When you finally find a pattern that fits and flatters, you want to stick with it. Saves a lot of time and tears. Quilt teacher Mary Stori put me on to this one. Thanks, Mary!

Sewing the strips on a marked muslin foundation makes all those bias edges behave. Again, I sewed & flipped until the fronts were covered. Hand-basted all around....Yes, I still do some things by hand....and cut out each pattern piece. Stay-stitched all the curves like I learned in Home Ec. Give me an "A" for remembering that!

Oh, what would look good on the back? First thought was black, of course. But why not try a stunning Kaffe Fassett print instead? Hmmmm. I'll sleep on it.


  1. Hi Helen, Welcome to blogland! Your vest is looking just fabulous with all those chevrons. I'm sure it will be stunning on you. I so enjoyed getting to spend time sewing and chatting with you at V's.

  2. Can't wait to see the back!! You are smart too... Kaffe fabrics look great anywhere you put them!


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