Sunday, April 29, 2012

Following the Stars

I went to the AQS show in Paducah last week and guess who I found.....Eleanor Burns, naturally!  She has been a favorite for good reasons.  She's funny and fun and still gracious after all these years.  Signing books for all her devoted followers with a smile and a joke or two.  Doesn't take herself too seriously... the secret of her charm, I believe.

And look who was there with her new book....the lovely Marie Bostwick...also signing and engaging us folks in conversation.  Notice how her hands add to the story.  I predict another bestseller here....and another...

And my dear friend Sherry Southgate who is a first-timer at Paducah.  Met her years ago in an applique class and we became instant friends.  She has mastered the art beautifully and is becoming well known in Canada.    Claims her hubby Albert gives her color advice.   Says he can hardly keep up with all she is doing now  (I know the feeling).  He's a busy guy, too, being a golf pro and hopping all over the globe to chase that little white ball.  Great seeing all these gifted artists in person.   Plan to post more photos from the show just as soon as I unpack all the fabric I bought at the show....


  1. Ah Paducah - many memories there! There was a stretch when I went every year, taking classes and gaping at all of those gorgeous quilts. Thanks for sharing, Helen - I know you enjoyed!

  2. MMMMMM...unpacking fabric. I took a whirlwind trip through the store when we were traveling and left most of it there for you Helen.

  3. How friend Debby is still traveling home from the show.
    I hope you show us all the goodies you bought!

    Happy Sewing

    1. Will show you my haul whenever the postman brings what I could not carry!

  4. Lucky you! I have never been to Paducah and would love to go! Have been living it vicariously through the blogging world. Looking forward to seeing your purchases!

  5. What fun! Happy to hear that you had such a great trip meeting friends and buying fabric. What fun indeed.

  6. You must have a had a blast! Love the roses applique quilt!


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