Monday, September 17, 2012

Any Excuse

Do I really need this fabric?  I can usually find a reason.  I hadn't checked the weather before I went to Quilters Take Manhattan on Saturday.  When I came out of Penn Station, I was hit with a brisk breeze and wearing my too summery outfit.  First impulse...go to City Quilter and get something to wrap around me.  Well, this fabric just "said party"....and it was half price!  So when I was seated at the event, I whipped out my yardage and covered my shoulders,  ignoring the titters from the folks behind me.  Yes,  I could have bought a shawl off one of the many street vendors, but my Dots 'n Roses is going to appear next on the back of my Color Challenge quilt!

Does anyone have a favorite excuse to share?


  1. I love it! Lol! I'll have to remember that excuse next time. Thanks for the giggle!

  2. Love your dots and roses. I'll bet plenty of people were envious of your "shawl." Now you can say you're "recycling" it for your quilt.

  3. What a brilliant idea!! Let's face it shawls are just fabric after all.

  4. What a GREAT excuse to buy some pretty fabric. Very resourceful too!

  5. What a great excuse to buy a beautiful piece of fabric. And on sale, too!

  6. Good thinking! That's great fabric. Did you see the pine burr quilt on nifty's blog? The outer border is similar to this in personality.

    I'm so glad you made out okay in the hurricane. You were right in the thick of things. We're fine, kept power, lost a few trees but not too near the house.

    See you soon at Empire, I hope.


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