Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Love

What a delightful surprise!  My cousin Merle flew in from California for the Open and stopped in for a visit.  Have to admit I had my first real crush on him when I was nine and he was twelve.  It's pretty evident that my feelings for him haven't changed!  "True love never dies"....

....and I still feel the same way about quilting after forty-six years.  My Dump & Sew project has me pumped today.  Love to see what happens when I just put scraps together.   Call it chemistry?


  1. Ah, the photo of you and your cousin is so sweet! As for your scrap project, I'd call is alchemy!

  2. Mine is just a jumble of color but the solids make
    your dump and sew look so Gwenish don't you think?
    It's lovely.
    Lovely picture of you both, we he in NY for tennis or golf?

    Happy Sewing

    1. Tennis. That is Merle's game....his lifelong love....and he still plays!

  3. First loves are so sweet! You both look so happy!
    I do love your dump and sew! You are working on some fun stuff these days. ox

  4. I love where your project is going! Nothing like a first love...

  5. Your solids are wonderful! I've added your link! THanks for joining in the fun!

  6. Lovely photo - and wonderful job on the dump quilt.

  7. omg I love your dump quilt, wish I had the knowledge to put solids together for a quilt like this
    ps what a great surprise, glad he came to visit....

  8. Great photo, great smiles. Lovely bright D&S block. Keep going.

  9. Love the pic and the block. Happy Happy Happy!


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