Friday, October 26, 2012

Lifetime Project Update

I feel like this quilt will never end, and that's okay with me.  The cutting, sewing, and pressing is slow-- but far from tedious.  I find every minute I spend is pure joy.  Revisiting my old fabrics and combining them with new ones from friends is the best!!!  Today I will be playing with Lynda's bits....


  1. Nicely done and so inspiring :0). I have 3 squares done but I see I need to add more brights to mine they are looking too muddy compared to your bright twinkling patches.

    Happy sewing

  2. Oh Helen! They looks fabulous. I think it's nice to have a project to keep coming back to, kind of comforting. And so cute!

  3. How fun !~! I hope you have had a great time. I loved picking them out for you.


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