Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Adorables

These little cuties came in the mail today!  Lynda, a follower of mine, has generously sent these for my stamp collection.  I am amazed how much my day is brightened by bits of cloth!  Lynda is a blogger now, too.   Check out her curtains....or rather Quilt-ains.


  1. How lovely of Lynda, they'll look fab with your other fabrics :)

  2. Wow, Helen, I just now saw this and the scraps are surely colorful aren't they ?~! Thanks so much for putting in my link, too. So thoughtful of you to share like that.

    Your postage stamp quilt is poking me, in the kindest possible way, to start one of my own.... You incredible motivator, you !~! I read where said you sew into pairs then in to rows, I wonder: do you pair and then sew end to end to make a one-wide strip or do you sew the pairs into two-wide strips and then into fours and then eights? I've made a couple larger ones like that and am curious as to how you doit...

    1. I use the latter method of two-wide strips, etc.


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