Friday, March 22, 2013

A Nifty Day

LeeAnn, quiter friend from Seattle, suggested a visit to the Bojagi exhibit at the Korean Society yesterday.  The artist Chunghie Lee has taken the traditional wrapping cloth to an art form.  Her silk screened images pay homage to the No-Name women who made these in the past.

Seams shadow through the sheer fabrics and are an important element in her creations.

Shapes are not always the traditional square but are often rectangular....up to 24 feet long!

Kimono is not a Korean tradition, but has been "borrowed" here.  LeeAnn said it would look good on me, and I had to agree!

Not every piece was brightly colored.  This one has inspired me to recycle my silk organza wedding gown into a memory art piece of my own.  It has aged to these mellow shades in the attic since 1959.
Another labor of love for my bucket list!

And if that wasn't enough...we joined her husband Bruce for lunch and a fabulous afternoon at MOMA, where I was also turned on to the art of photography.   I want to say "Thanks, again, for coming to town and giving me the tour .... and new inspirations!"


  1. Thank YOU, Helen, for a really lovely day! I'm warmed and inspired by our time together.

  2. What a treat for you all. And inspirational for all your readers.


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