Sunday, March 3, 2013

Channel Waves

Channel quilting has been a favorite of mine for many years.  I first used it in quilted garments, then small wall hangings.  Was hoping that it would be  a good choice for this modern mystery quilt.  Gave it a try, but it was just too blah for this quilt.  Picked it all out (uggh) and started over with a curvy version instead.  I elongated the running zigzag stitch on my Bernina and got the look I wanted.  The fabrics in this quilt reminded me of architectural materials, and this stitch looks like the corrugated tin roofs I've seen.  Because my neck will not allow me to free motion...whiplash from too many rides on the Tilt-a-Whirl...and I do not own a long arm (yet), I am limited to using programmed stitches for my machine quilting.  Would like to know if anyone has ideas on this subject, please!

The fabrics in this quilt have been on my shelf for years and needed some air.  I love this leaf print and have been saving it for....this year, I guess.   My New Year's resolution quilt is done!!! Hope you like it, Miss Merry Mayhem.


  1. Clever way to machine quilt and I think it fits the quilt so well. Love your backing fabric. Isn't it a great feeling to use up stash?

  2. Nice finish Helen! Great that you found a stitch that works for you - looks great!

  3. i really love the colors you put together for this one, Helen.

  4. right choice! straight line quilting would just have been too boring, as you said. the wavy lines give it a little "fling" that was needed. Also love the crochet wristlets on another of your posts! good job!


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