Sunday, October 6, 2013

Meeting Edith


When my online friend Edith from Germany told me she was coming to NYC, I suggested we meet at City Quilter.  It was the perfect place for both of us.  She had a shopping list and I had fun helping her find some NY souvenirs....fabric mostly!  I can hardly wait to see what she makes with the skyscraper prints.   Even though we had some difficulty with language...her English was better than my German...we had no problem talking Fabric!!!


  1. wunderbar! it's great to meet online friends in person. lucky you!

  2. Love the power of the web! How would this have happened with out your computers and love and quilting?

    Nice picture too :0), Happy Sewing

  3. you look great, Helen, as does your friend. Lovely visits are the best fodder for blog writing. Thanks for sharing.


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