Sunday, April 6, 2014

Glorious Color

Okay, I admit this Forsythia was forced indoors, but it does promise the return to color after way too much white stuff these past months!

More colorful blooms here.  These lovely Liberties arrived at my door from Dorothy last week.  She is moving back home to England.  I am very glad to have a "London Connection" now,  although I shall miss seeing her at Metro Mod meetings.


...And I also received some extraordinary fabrics from Cynthia for my Indigo Hexies.  They are probably from her Japanese collection.  

....And my pal Bernadette just shared some delightful fabrics from her stash for my postage stamp quilt.

I am just bursting with gratitude for all these colorful gifts, and for any signs of SPRING!!!


  1. What a great setting for your forsythia in front of your quilt, looks lovely.
    I too have a bag of Liberty which need a good home - I am happy to pass them on if you would like them. Just email me Helen.

  2. Great color all the way around! ox

  3. Your forsythia looks so great in front of your beautiful stripe quilt. I know you'll enjoy those lovely gifts!

  4. YUMMY color!! Missed you yesterday, Thank you for my GOODY!!! ;-) RCVD!! ;-)

  5. Yes Happy Spring! All of those are indeed from Japan except the one green and blue.

  6. Pretty Liberty fabrics. The hexies stand alone with pride at the moment and the colors keep flowing in so we get to enjoy the process with you. I LOVE process. Thanks, Helen, for sharing with us.


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