Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vacation in Vermont

I am not an outdoor person, but Vermont may have turned me into a camper.  This sunset cruise on serene Lake Champlain for starters....

The Burlington crowd introduced me to Harpoon draft.  Yummmmmm.....

The gospel sing-along at the RV Rally in Essex Junction .....

I could really go for a Winnebago outfitted with a sewing studio!!!!


  1. Me too! Glad you're having a fun vacation.

  2. So pleased to enjoyed your vacation and that sunset is something else!!!

  3. I did consider taking my FW on a recent trip with my VW camper van. We get powered sites, and there's always a picnic table, so why not?

  4. I don't have a FW. :( So I need to fit my beloved old Bernina in somehow.

  5. That top picture is BEAUTIFUL!!! You need to frame that picture! I like the RV sewing idea! hugs~


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