Thursday, November 6, 2014

Low-Volume Day

Naomi and I turned down the volume today.   Sometimes a quiet day is all you need to recover from 
loss...whether personal or political...

We made these low-volume blocks for Metro Mod lotto. 

  Then we had herb tea and double chocolate pecan bars. 

 All better now!


  1. looks good. any chance you two want to come down and sew with me this Saturday in Rockville Centre? ( I had been meaning to send an email to local friends but haven't gotten to it yet... I miss you and would love to catch up.

  2. Miss you, too, Jess! I have an Empire guild meeting on Saturday, tho. Another day, perhaps?

  3. These are so pretty! Yea, chocolate and sewing are great therapy.

  4. No better way to recover! The double chocolate pecan bars sound tasty.

  5. Oh Helen forgot to say how much I love your quiet blocks, they are so peaceful and calm.

  6. Nice quiet blocks! It looks like you used some shot cotton in there (green and blue).


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