Sunday, November 9, 2014

Modern Miracles

What is Modern quilting, everyone asks?  Jacquie Gering brought over 100 lbs. of examples to show the Empire Quilters guild.  This is only one of my favorites...her "log cabin" television with rabbit ears really cracked me up!

Jacquie answered lots of questions and gave her quilting story as well.  Her background in sewing finally came into fruition as a leading Modern quilter only a few years ago!  This engaging presentation won over many skeptics.  I later heard several quilters admit they didn't really care for modern quilts before...

It was a day full of surprises for me, too.  My "London  Connection" aka Dorothy Hill, was in NYC for the weekend!  It was so great to see her again...and to know she is now part of the Modern quilt group in London.  She asked about my Hexagon quilt, so I'd better get a move on....


  1. I love that TV quilt. My first TV was B&W and had antenna.

  2. I agree, the log cabin TV quilt is a hoot.
    I love my brilliant colours in quilts but I too have to confess that I do find myself being drawn to some of the softer colours and minimalism of the Modern quilts, whether I would ever make one myself we shall wait and see. Yes, where is the Hexagon quilt??

  3. Jacquie is the BEST! She came to Seattle a few years ago and won us all over!

  4. I did make it on the blog!! It was good to see you, I'm now back in London. I look forward to seeing the hexagons.

  5. I like the TV's too! What is modern? I'm still trying to figure that out too! I wish I'd got to hear that presentation! cheers!


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