Monday, May 18, 2015

New Start


Landscaping work has begun in my backyard at last.  

Remnants of an ancient oil tank were exhumed in the process.  An artifact, maybe?

I just want to see some grass now!  Meanwhile, I am starting a new quilt--


  1. So glad the landscape work has begun. Hopefully the grass will appear soon. What's a gal to do? Make a new quilt, of course!

  2. Love that you are getting work done in your yard--my yard is the high point of my homestead and it's great fun watching it mature. Eager to see the new quilt; I can feel the juices rising in me too. What colors are you featuring in this new piece?

  3. Looking forward to seeing the progress of the garden as well as the quilt.

  4. You could use the old oil tank as a planter - the strength of life over the opposite, sort of thing. Maybe a nice vine would make lovely patterns. Or, you could just put it out at the curb . . .

    1. Too late, Larry, the landscaper took it away. He took all my rocks, too. I hope he will create something interesting. I would rather quilt! :-)


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