Thursday, September 3, 2015

Barb Vedder's Civil War Swap

I have not done an online swap before, but this was the one for me.  Bowties are my all time favorite block, and my stash of Civil War fabrics is needing to breathe.  Mailed 80 bowties to Barb Vedder, and now the hardest part...waiting to see what other swappers have made for me!


  1. Yours look great. I was really tempted by this swap, especially the Civil War part. I decided not to do it at the last minute. I'll look forward to watching this one!

  2. 80 bowties? Eighty? Eight Zero? That's a lot!!!!!! Pardon my ignorance - what is a Civil War fabric? The samples in your photo are stunning.

  3. What fun and what a lot of Bow Ties!! Don't forget to give us a peek at the ones you receive.

    1. Definitely will post them! Stay tuned...


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