Saturday, January 21, 2012

Plumeria in the Snow

We are getting our first snowfall today at last. My little red Hawaiian quilt is on my door now. Reminds me of the snowflakes we used to cut out of paper. I want to go out and make a snow angel!!!


  1. Guess what I posted about today??? I'm seeing a theme!

  2. Yes, you and Victoria and Beth all have paper cut blocks (Hawaiian) on your blogs today :0).
    Go for the snow angel Helen, it is the nice dry kind of snow that doesn't leave your coat all soaked!

    Happy Sewing

  3. Ooh, this is gorgeous! You and Victoria are almost inspiring me to do a Hawaiian appliqué.

  4. So pretty Helen! My niece just sent me a photo of her daughter making a snow angel in Chicago - it's the cutest.

  5. I love this block, did you draw it up yourself?
    How welcoming that would be to your guests, I love that idea of hanging it on your front door!

    1. I attended a quilt show in Hawaii and this design was available to trace. I believe it is traditional there. Good idea to try to design one myself sometime.

  6. Very cute! It does look like the paper snow flakes we used to cut out of paper!

  7. Lovely! Very MN even though it's Hawaiian! ;-)


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