Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tie Diving

New year, new project. I need to start something new, and this pile of neckties looks so inviting. Dived in and started to unsew a few just hoping for inspiration. Hmmmm....crazy piecing, log cabin, fan, are all possible but I was hoping for....I don't know what. Any more ideas out there?


  1. I've never seen a neck tie quilt I didn't like. Happy new year! I'm looking forward to seeing your inspirations in 2012.

  2. So many ideas come to mind, I would suggest minimal cutting, especially for the ones with images and amazing prints. I would want to see the ties design featured. So crazy quilt, random made fabric, something along those lines, with the infusion of the tie labels, as we discussed in the borders or featured in the crazy quilt design.

  3. one of my favorite necktie quilt was a dresden plate, the block was big so you could really see the print on the ties!
    probably 14 or 16" maybe even 18"
    another one I saw was courthouse step quilt and it was a while before I realized they were neckties! very masculine looking quilt it was.
    oh your going to have fun, I will be watching the progress on this one!

  4. Someone that I know did a dresden plate and it was just gorgeous with ties! A real keepsake and yet useful too. Can't wait to see what you decide.


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