Monday, March 26, 2012

LIQS Showtime (cont)

This quilt won Vendors' Choice. I love black and white anytime, but especially with these Crayola colors.

Complimentary colors plus black made this Best of Show shine.

But this little quilt really "hit home"


  1. that last one is flat adorable !~! Creative people inspire me.

  2. I agree with your choices - some really wonderful work at the show. I also love the fact that the guild takes the time to make handmade ribbons. It's a really nice touch!

  3. Good show and a fun chuckle at the end. Thanks!

  4. fun to see what our fellow quilters are up to :0)
    always so much inspiration out there.....and I just love
    when a quilter doesn't take herself too seriously :0)....

    Happy sewing

  5. I love the last quilt. Thanks for sharing the photos from this show.


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