Monday, March 5, 2012

Name That Quilt

My green quilt is going to be in a show and needs a title. Any ideas?


  1. OH Helen its beautiful, naming quilts for me is hard!
    what came to mind right away was
    dreaming of the forest...


  2. Hi Helen, Unless you had something in mind before or after making the quilt, I would name it something purely functional - maybe Green Quilt #1 (can you tell I was at an art museum yesterday?). Good luck!

  3. It's beautiful! So contemporary, yet warm. I'm no help with names. I'm in a rebellious phase about naming quilts these days.

  4. Beautiful quilt. My first impression was of the first time I was in a bamboo forest. The light filtered just like the colors in your quilt. Bamboo Light, or how about Ever Green.

  5. I was going to suggest rainforest because it's so fresh. Congrats on being in the show! ox

  6. Shady moss

    that is what popped into my mind when I saw it,
    you know all the different shades of green you see in
    moss under a tree.

    Good luck and Happy Sewing

  7. Oh Helen - it is so quite and soothing and so green. I love it! Congratulations on the show!

  8. This looks like fields of green to me! Some possible title words....fields, meadow, grass...

    You know I love this quilt! Hooray for it's inclusion in a show.


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