Friday, May 4, 2012


 The best part of quilt shows are the QUILTS!  But first, I want to show you some other attractions.  Books, books, and more books on what to make next......

 ....and miles of glorious fabrics for new inspiration.....

....and some old fabric friends that simply have to come home and live with you again.   Had a great time in Paducah and the goodies to prove it!  More quilt photos to come.....


  1. Great pinks and oranges! And those stripes!!!

  2. Love the fabrics! I got a quick look at the show catalog this morning at a friends. What an amazing show. It must have been so inspiring to see all those beautiful quilts in person. I look forward to seeing more about your trip.

    1. The quilts were awesome! I overheard one quilter telling her friend, "I can't decide if I should go home and work harder, or just shoot myself right now!" :0)


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