Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday in Somers

 Spent Sunday in Somers, NY visiting the Northern Star Quilters' show.  It never disappoints, but this year was the best ever!  I was charmed by their special exhibit, a  tribute to Joanna Rose and her
red and white collection displayed in the Park Avenue Armory last year.  Here are a few close-ups....

 ...such elegant applique

...and delicious satin yo yos

...and this wonky weave!


  1. These are beautiful. I really love the first applique peice you show. It is just amazing. Oh, for the patience and skills to create something that wonderful.

  2. Beautiful....I hope there are more pictures of the red and white quilts to come :0).
    I am caught up in a red and white quilt too that takes many of quilts from the show down to blocks and then puts them all together.
    "Just Takes 2 " runs all year, we have made over 30 blocks so far.

    Happy Sewing

  3. Thanks for the peek at the show. Love that appliqué!

  4. I always like to see a quilt show. Thanks. I love the last wonky quilt.

  5. What a treat to see. Thanks for posting some pics. ox

  6. Thank-you for sharing the red and white quilts!


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