Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bucket List Bag

My friend Dottie is making this tote bag from The Creative Thimble.  Looks like the ultimate bag, so I am putting it on my bag bucket list.  It holds an umbrella, water bottle, phone, magazine, newspaper, laptop, business cards, keys, pens, and whatnot.  Pockets for ID, passport, and boarding pass are good for airplane trips.   Secure compartments are zippered....I need to master those...and magnetic snaps...those, too.
She sent me samples of some fabrics she's using.  They are going into my postage stamp quilt immediately.  I always hug my postman when he brings me fabric from friends!


  1. Oh boy that is one cool bag.
    So many projects so little time :0).

    Happy Sewing

  2. That looks like a fun bag! I'll be interested to hear how hard it is to put together. Ox

  3. I assume that "whatnot" includes chocolate?

  4. Oh! I need one of these! Did you get the pattern locally or online?

    1. The pattern for The Professional Tote from The Creative Thimble is available online.

  5. You're a better woman than I, tackling that bag! Looks like it'll be well worth it.


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