Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flag Finish

Was asked how I finished this little flag, so here's a close-up of the edge.  I received so many good ideas and finally settled on Diane's suggestion in her comment on July 7th...stay stitching the outer edge, cutting the backing the same size and the batting slightly smaller, then turning in raw edges and hand sewing them together.  My backing fabric shows a smidgen all around which gives a piping effect, and that's just fine with me.  I love the primary colors.  Big stitch quilting waves hold it together.   Finally,  I nailed it to my door (gasp!) so it would not blow away.  So that's the story, folks....


  1. THIS IS JUST SPECTACULAR!!! I love the layout, the size, the colours, the backing and the placement. I would never have thought of putting it on my front door but now that it's there it is hard to imagine where else it could be. This will bring a smile to your face every time you return home. I'd love to live in the USA so that I'd have a reason to make one!

  2. Nice! so you completely sew the backing on by hand?
    It turned out perfectly, this is just how I am going to make mine :0) I like the tumblers to stay tumblers instead of cutting them into a rectangle for the flag.

    Thanks for the close up Helen and
    Happy Sewing

  3. Your edge looks neater than mine does...LOL
    It looks great, and I love the surprise on the back!


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