Friday, November 30, 2012

Kandinsky Modular

My Metro Mod challenge block is nearly finished.  It started out with some hashed bits of hand dyed fabrics and Misty Fuse on a muslin base.  Some sheer fabric is holding down the "brush strokes" and is quilted with monofilament.   The colored bits needed blending, so I added water soluble oil pastels.  More is needed for smooshing those colors now.  I thank my friend Naomi for sharing her palette of tulle fabrics.  Pinned in place, I am ready to do a final stitching.

 I am so anxious to see how everyone's module will look together.  We all got a different piece of the puzzle.  Mine is shown  above.   And you can see Naomi's below...and Victoria's is on her blog today,


  1. You are quite the art quilter with all those unusual materials. It will be fun to see this one all put together.

  2. Loving how these look Helen and I too can't wait to see them all together. Didn't make it to the meeting so I'll have to post mine off instead :)


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