Monday, November 12, 2012

Storm Weary

The past two weeks have taken a toll on everyone in this area.  I have listened to so many personal accounts ranging from tragic to miraculous,  despairing or hopeful, anger, laughter, tenderness, gratitude...etc.  However, the overwhelming theme seems to be our dependence on one another.  The first responders as well as neighbors helping neighbors -- all are essential to our community.  My dear neighbor Mary brought me a thermos of hot coffee every morning when I had no power.  I am nominating her for sainthood!

The biggest highlight has been the arrival of my signed copy of Victoria's book.  I am thrilled to announce that my "new favorite quilt" is appearing on page 17!  I made this with a lot of help from my 15 Minutes Bee pals who are listed in the book.  Thanks again for all who contributed bow ties and "made fabric" for this special quilt.  It's another great example of community effort.

Now I want some down time to recover and get ready for whatever happens next.  Thanksgiving will have a whole new meaning this year.........


  1. Indeed Thanksgiving will this year; so much to be grateful for even as you struggle up thru the fog to find clear skies.

  2. So glad to hear you're recovering from the last few weeks. So much to be thankful for. Your quilt looks great in the book! Congratulations!!

  3. Friends who bring coffee, friends who send books -- the essence of Life.
    Post-storm is a frustrating time, waiting, waiting. I hope your ordeal doesn't last long. Our storm was 4 years ago & there are still people picking up the pieces.

  4. I'm looking forward to my copy too.
    So glad you got through the storms okay, we were lucky this time not losing power or having any downed trees up here in Pokeytown.
    Enjoy these warmer temperatures and sunny skies.

    You know what I say about good neighbors? You have to be a good neighbor to have a good neighbor, just like friends :0), thank goodness for them all.

    Happy Sewing

  5. oh isn't that exciting having a quilt in her book! I have to go look up yours.
    its such a wonderful book don't you think? So inspirational and I am in awe of the creativity of so many of the quiltmakers in this book. Victoria did such a wonderful job on her first book!
    Kathie who finally has internet back along with the power....
    my neighbor brought over the coffee pot and cream every morning for us
    it was such a treat ...

  6. Looking forward to seeing Victoria's book and now especially keen to see page 17 :)

  7. Hi Quilt Mom! ;-) Thanks so much for being in my book...It means the world to me... hugs!


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