Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello Again

My late husband Pete planted these daffodils six years ago, and they keep coming back every spring to say hello.  In fact, I think they are multiplying.  I hope they spread over the whole front yard!!!  Am going to rake up some of last year's leaves my shirtsleeves.  I hope your day is lovely.


  1. Daffodils mean Spring to me, they are the gift that keep on multiplying. What a nice Springtime hello from your DH every year, so sorry for your loss.

    He'd be proud of how you have made a new life for yourself and taken up quilting too.

    Happy Sewing and raking Helen

  2. Spring has sprung! How nice of your husband to leave you this cheery reminder of your joy together each year.

  3. Oh so precious! Enjoy the blooms!

  4. I love daffodils! Enjoy the yard work. So nice to see you last weekend.


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