Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decking the Halls

Decorating my house with Christmas quilts today...starting with the first one I ever made...

hanging my favorite tree quilt made by my 'daughter'......

recalling the liberated quilt I made in Gwen Marston's class...

and remembering the effort that went into making
 this appliqued cardinal...

and the fun I had with this fabric challenge....

running out of wall space... but definitely catching the Christmas spirit with quilts!

Who needs holly!!!!


  1. Oh Helen we made the same first Christmas funny.....who needs holly indeed, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas right in your cozy home,

    Merry Merry

  2. Hi Helen - enjoyed your Christmas quilt tour! I recognized some of the fabrics in your first quilt - still have some in my stash somewhere! Thanks for sharing, stay warm, and have a Merry Christmas !

  3. Your quilts are warm & jolly! I hope they are putting your in a christmas mood.
    Joy & Peace.

  4. wow that put the Christmas spirit into the house in an instant!
    I luv your first tree quilt and your green quilt behind the chair!
    really nice!

  5. Delightful, thanks so much for the tour of your seasonal pieces. Your first tree quilt makes me smile: I'm a tree girl and I love them in all incarnations.

  6. All these are so fun. I especially like the "liberated" one. You've inspired me to get out my Santa quilt. Can't believe I forgot about him.

  7. lovely! It's so fun to decorate with things we've made - an extra warmth. Your quilts all look great, but the HoHoHo banner really makes me smile!


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