Saturday, December 21, 2013

Little Christmas Quilts

This elegant Christmas tree block is from Carole.  I want to quilt this next.  This is so much more fun than struggling with all the tangled wires and tinsel...and the needles aren't falling all over the floor.

David's block called for very little quilting....just a few tracks in the snow and a sky full of WI stars.

I simply love it!


  1. Perfect, this quilt really knew what it needed to be complete :0)

    Happy Sewing

  2. Just adore these two tree quilts Helen, especially the top one

  3. Adorable-I really must learn to do these cute little trees. I love trees and have so many neat green prints that would be so cute done as a grouping like this... Thank you for the inspiration. Happy Holidays, Helen, may the worst of the weather miss you while the loveliness surrounds.

  4. Good morning Helen it,s Christmas morning here and no one else is stirring yet so I,m sending you my first Merry Christmas.
    I read back through the posts on the. Little quilts. I enjoyed the stories as much as seeing the quilts.
    The Nativity does look like a board game now that you mention it.

  5. The winding path and stars are just the perfect touch!

  6. ooh I simply luv the quilting you did on this one-so perfect -it continues that tranquil mood! wonderful!

  7. These are just awesome! I am totally speechless superb work I am sure on this Christmas you are going to rocksss.

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