Monday, January 13, 2014

On the Go

I forgot to post my Sewing on the Go kit last week for Monday Morning's count, so here it little Ginghers on a lanyard from my friend Eri, and a pincushion also by Eri, my favorite Aurifil thread, paper clips stuck to a magnet, papers, fabric, and my specs.

And it all fits in this little See-thru cosmetic bag that slips neatly into my handbag.  I am good to go!


  1. Eri makes the best accessories! I like your see through case, very convenient~

  2. Ooh, I love this kind of organization! Not that it happens around here all that often...

  3. I tuck my smallest current crochet project into a bag and off I go with something to occupy me in the event of a delay somewhere along the line. I love portable projects.

  4. I love your sewing kit. I still have not put a portable kit together….maybe I can work on that this week :)


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