Sunday, June 8, 2014

Personal Favorites

I saw so many wonderful quilts at the Eastern Long Island Quilters show this weekend that I couldn't possibly share them all.  Will point out some personal favorites  Norwegian Wood by Chris Gordon.  Maybe I responded to it because I am Swedish??

I spent a lot of time looking at every stitch, and I could only imagine how much fun this quilter was having making them.  (Always felt that Norwegians had more fun than Swedes)

Here is a border detail of a gorgeous applique quilt that grabbed and held my attention.  Those gold leaves are silk and the embroidery simply exquisite.

And speaking of gorgeous....more personal favorites of mine at the show!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing the quilts from the show!

  2. Oh, I just LOVE that Norwegian Wood. What beautiful fabrics! I wish I could see it in person... thanks for sharing.

  3. Ooh, beautiful quilts and gals. You've got some really talented quilt-makers on Long Island. You are right about Norwegians having more fun. ; >

  4. It was a beautiful day for a wonderful quilt show. It is always great to see you at a quilting event. I hope to see you again soon.


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