Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Way

What I love about quilting most is the individual expression. Even identical twins have their own creations. Roberta Horton and Mary Mashuta are a perfect example. They brought their class act and some of their quilts to the Empire Guild today. They share a house, but not their workrooms. They work on the same themes, but the results are entirely different. Below are just a few examples of their work. One of their quotes..."It's not what you look at, it's what you see"

I would like to live in their house, wouldn't you?

And speaking of houses, I was the lucky winner of the Block-of-the-Month raffle. Each house was individually designed and executed. Here is one of the houses made by Maxine Townsend-Broderick. That cute little dormer won my heart.

Quilting is a large world with many paths .


  1. Oh, I forgot they were there yesterday! I was planning on coming. Oh well, so glad you took some pictures to share, thanks. And yes, I would love to live in their house.

  2. Lovely post, Helen! Hope all is well with you - spring is here!

  3. Oh yes, the twins. They were certainly pioneers when they began. I gave away most of my quilting books a couple of years ago but held onto Fabric Makes the Quilt.

    I HOWLED at your comment on my blog! Menial labor, indeed! Too true. Thanks for the laugh out loud.

  4. Great photos! Sorry I missed the guild meeting on Saturay. That was a beautiful BOM block. Now to come up with next month's block asap!
    Hugs to you Helen.
    Your blog is wonderful.

  5. What a wonderful post. I took a class long ago from Roberta Horton. You can certainly tell who made what. Plus you won the BOM. Wow is that great or what! Bonnie

  6. I just made a signature quilt block that was inspired by the basket quilt in your photo!


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