Thursday, February 28, 2013


Guys are well represented at the New Jersey Quilt Fest.  I salivated when I saw the Kaffe Fassett  Shots and Stripes special exhibit.  This stunner is lightly quilted and it radiates.

A smaller and more subdued piece is densely hand quilted and raw edged.  Could hardly keep my hands off it.

Another hand pieced and hand quilted wonder is Robert Barnett's Lots of Blocks.  I asked a white glover to turn this one over so I could see his stitches on both sides.  Yup, they were perfect.


 I was thrilled to catch Metro Mod's own celebrity John Kubiniec with his beautiful creations for McCall's.  I expect to see many versions of these quilts in the future.  My friend Barb is dying to make the red & white one.  It's a Drunkard's Path with chips added.  Oops, it's almost Happy Hour here.  Time to kick back and fondle all the fabrics I bought today.   More pics tomorrow...


  1. Ahhh, fondling fabric is second only to fondling the three-month old who comes to see me five days a week until June when school lets out and his mama has the summer off. I love fondling !~! The sewing takes place into the wee hours of the mornings now as he would rather play with me than watch me sew altho he's pretty mellow for such a young baby. Pics on my blog and on my Facebook page if you want a look at him, Helen.

  2. the show was good I was happy I went.
    jOhn's quilt was great, nice to be able to see it in person! loved the 1812 exhibit too.
    there were some amazing art quilts too
    it was a nice mix of quilts I thought


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