Monday, February 18, 2013

Thirties Somethings

I have avoided 30's fabrics for too long.  Was gifted a whole bagful several years ago and promptly  stuck them in the attic.  I have decided to confront my aversion to this decade at last....the Great Depression.  These cheery colors and prints are actually fun to work with...surprise!  Don't know where these blocks will go, but they are good therapy.


  1. oh I love 30's fabrics especially at this time of year I normally have to make a 30's quilt, need to bring that spring look into our winter :)
    keep going!!!!

  2. Everything old is new again! Love these blocks.

  3. Love these! I may have to make some too--well, someday.

  4. what size are they? They look small. love it, I'm going to have to get out my bins of 30's reprints and get CUTTING!


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