Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jack's Quilt

Quilts are for sleeping on....according to 2-week-old Jack.  Today Jessica and I had a fun afternoon of hand sewing while he grabbed some zzzzzz's.   What a great little guy,  and a great little quilt, too!  Big brother George picked out the fabrics, but mom was the production every way.  


  1. Helen, too funny, I have a nine-week old in my lap today as we look together at pictures online. He smiles already and can manage his head pretty well too. I love the colors in Jack's quilt a lot.

  2. So precious!
    I think George and mom did a perfect job together.

  3. Oh my Jack is an adorable little guy, I hope you got some cuddles in too.

    Happy Sewing

  4. Precious! This photo will mean even more as the years roll by.


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