Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Full Circle

I am making my first Double Wedding Ring under protest.  Never wanted to tackle this forbidding design, but the Metro Mod challenge is pushing me to try it at long last.  I watched Victoria's great tutorials and am using the clever rulers I got at the last meeting.  So I had some sewing pals over yesterday for support.  I ended up watching them work it through and make any possible mistakes for me.  I was relieved to see it wasn't that difficult.  So this morning, I cut out my first ring.

Since my walls and beds are all covered with quilts, I am trying to keep new projects small and utilitarian.  This table mat will match my microwave potholder and my tea cozy.  Toaster's next...

It was fun to find that dark blue fabric in my stash.  It reminded me why I took up quilting many years ago.  It came from a skirt that was too small to wear...and the rest is history.   So in a sense, I have come full circle with my ring.


  1. You are brave. Hoorah! I like the colours they have a French Provencal feel.
    Another blue for your hexagons?

  2. Some of my favorite fabrics are clothes that come with fond memories.

  3. Beautiful! This is going to be great! I've been trying out double wedding ring for the first time, too, and finding it easier than expected!

  4. Love it Helen! I've been having a little play too, think I'll stick at one :)


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