Saturday, August 17, 2013

Microwave Potholder

As promised, a tutorial for this eezie-peezie project.  I cut two 12" squares of cotton fabric and two more of all cotton batting.  

Quilted the batting to each fabric square.

Sewed darts in the center of each side.  I started at 1/2" and ended at zero about an inch from the center of the block.

I did the same on the gray block.

Right sides together, I stitched the blocks all around...leaving an opening to turn.   Hand stitched the opening and finished with some machine topstitching.  Now wasn't that easy?   

Note:  no metallics or synthetics in this project, please, because it goes right into the microwave.


  1. Yep add little top stitching and there you have it!
    I'm still thinking about your last post with those row yo yo's....what magazine is that project in please? Nifty gave me a ton of yo yo's when I visited her in Seattle and I haven't used them yet :0)

    Happy Sewing

  2. Great idea might have to make some of these for presents.
    Thanks Helen

  3. Very nice! Knowing my family they'd fill the dish to the brim and spillage would ruin the pristine look. But that will not deter me from making some.


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