Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slow But Sure

I hear ya!   It's not a race;  it's a journey to enjoy!  My second block was a breeze.

I am loving this claret and cream so much that I know this will grow into one of my favorite quilts........



  1. Beautiful! I think I may to try this block too. It just sings.

  2. Beautiful in red and white. I can see how this will become a favorite!

  3. Your blocks are beautiful and keeping up with Victoria could be a reality show!

  4. Very pretty! I agree, it's the journey.

  5. There she goes getting excited about another quilt......I'm so happy to have another friend with plenty of UFO's :0) it sure keeps life interesting doesn't it? Sometimes ya just gotta make that next block that looks so irresistible!

    Happy Sewing


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