Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bamboo Magic

I am crazy for bamboo.  This little skewer for kabobs is a wonder.

It steers my tiny squares.

It opens all those seams for pressing.

And it makes those seam allowances behave.

Abacadabra.....another postage stamp page for my album!


  1. I LOVE that you are pressing your seams open!
    I found an ivory crochet hook in the toolbox of a vintage sewing machine that came to live with me. That's my bamboo skewer.

  2. What a wonderful tip! I use my long pins. Your stamps are looking pretty fine!

  3. Oh my I can't believe you have pressed all those seams open!
    You quilt will lie so nice and flat :0).
    Nicely done Helen

    Happy Sewing

  4. Helen, it's looking so beautiful, the finished product will be amazing and the journey a joy. Happy November !~!


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