Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kitchen Kitsch

      The kitchen fabric reminds me of Seventies wallpaper.  The rickrack completes the look I wanted for this fun little piece.

        This is my first attempt at a Double Wedding Ring.  My wedding dreams did not center around the kitchen table, but it is where I have had some of the happiest times!


  1. very fun, especially the rickrack!

    1. I haven't used rickrack in years. Did you know that it is not made of cotton anymore? It is 100% polyester and made in China!

  2. Love this kitschy print with the rickrack. Nice sentiment about marriage too! Thank you for the quilt show. Lot's of good inspiration there!

  3. Charming. The rickrack is a great touch.

  4. Quite cute, I like the combination of blue and yellow.

  5. I have to say I love blue and yellow together doesn't it look so fresh and bright like a kitchen should? Nicely done for your first wedding ring block! Yes some wonderful times spent at the kitchen table over the years for me too :0)
    Happy Sewing


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